On the agenda of the H2 Business For Climate Forum (H2BFC) this year:


Hydrogen Business For Climate brings together more than 350 participants in the H2 energy transition. Resolutely oriented towards the future, H2BFC offers for this 2021 edition:

B2B meeting: 2 major E-meeting sessions on September 29 & 30: planned your B2B E-meeting here!

Expert workshops: 8 Workshops to go further in collaborative mode

Conferences: more than 50 experts and international leaders.

A gala evening: to network in a friendly atmosphere (September 29, 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.)


What do we present?


As a successful partner of the industry, we work together with partners focused on new technologies, such as e-mobility sector and new energies, of which hydrogen is a part of. On our stand, we will present you our precision mechanical parts used in these innovative sectors.

Our parts (fuel cell body, valves, tank, transmission, new generation boiler, axial wheels, etc.) are intended for innovative applications, both mobile (car, truck, bus, public works, etc.) and stationary (individual house, industry, etc…).

To find out more about our know-how in the co-development, machining, and assembly of your future sub-assemblies, come and meet us at the show, stand ST2!