STREIT group was invited to participate in a worldwide meeting with BorgWarner Turbo Systems top executives on 12 and 13 July 2016.

During this meeting, BWTS spotlighted the top-3 innovative suppliers whose technical solutions have improved turbocharger components’ competitiveness.


The awarded suppliers (3 among 300) managed to improve cost and technical features through innovative design. STREIT group was the sole European representative featured, along with two Chinese suppliers. During the event, each supplier presented the details of the innovation developed during the year.


STREIT group introduced to the BWTS audience a novel design for a water-cooled center housing. Thanks to close cooperation with our smelter partners and taking into consideration casting and machining constraints, STREIT’s R&D department was able to develop a cost-efficient solution for the finished part.


Innovation is a key success factor in our sector, helping us make a stronger impact on the market and gain a competitive edge.