Technical centre

Streit group wants to put Innovation at the heart of its development strategy to build its future. It is through a Technical Centre, with operational skills in product and process development, that the group will meet this new challenge.


This centre, based next to the headquarter in France, will be composed of 45 people. It should research, test and propose innovative technical solutions adapted to future developments of the group.

It will consist of four divisions:

       - product development

       - process development,

       - special machines and tooling development

       - prototyping


The technical centre, currently under construction, already possess many tools upon which to build.  

On one side, software for the development phase:

       - Abaqus for numerical simulation, to validate concepts before producing prototypes « this software allows us to save time and to reduce expenses associated to a concept development »,

       - SOLIDWORKS Mechanical 2017 + SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 for special machines and tooling conception ,

       - Catia V5 for products conception


On the other side, equipment for the implementation phase:

       - test benches for pneumatic, hydraulic, sealing and welding tools.

       - 5-axis machining centres DEKEL MAHO, Mazak Integrex

       - 5-axis sharpening machine CNC to reply rapidly to prototyping requests (special tools),

       - 3D printer (additive manufacturing) to pre-validate prototypes,

       - test bench to achieve crash tests (150 KN in 10ms) and fatigue tests (20KN with a frequency of 10Hz)


To reply to all customer requests, the technical centre will benefit from a strong development potential.

Do not hesitate to consult us!