Supported by the Government through its Recovery Plan, our «Access to the Carbon-Free Mobility Market» (A2MD) project was awarded for a grant. This support is a sign of confidence in the Diversification and Innovation strategy, and will support the transformation of our activity and the modernization of our production lines.

“With Setforge company, we have obtained a market for the future 100% electric Porsche Taycan,” said Rémy Barthelmé, CEO of  STREIT groupe. To respond to this market, we are going to acquire a broaching machine and an induction hardening. This know-how, which was outsourced before, will strengthen the activity of our French plant and expand our commercial offering to the e-market.

The investment, supported by french governement with 800,000 euros of grant, will be supplemented by the modernization of two twin-spindle lathes which will be retrofitted and by the automation of a part of the plant with the arrival of a robot on rail and a conveyor. At the same time, we are planning a second investment of 200,000 euros to automate and modernize our French plant by 2022. These investments will preserve around ten jobs and suggest some recruitments by 2022.

Our goal : becoming a leader in the machining of parts for the e-mobility engine and hydrogen fuel cells, two technologies of the future.