STREIT Groupe has been supplying machined parts to automotive manufacturers for over 50 years. We have always stressed the importance of providing levels of service which are second to none, top quality performance and competitive pricing. Over the years we have gained great expertise notably in the supply of components for engines. Our teams assist our clients in their development in order to enable them to attain their targets: decreasing mass, nitrogen oxide emissions, fuel consumption, etc…

We will continue to provide these services at cost effective rates. We are also able to develop and install complex automation solutions wherever they are deemed necessary.


Center housing

Size : Ø 200

Weight : 4KG

Gearbox support

Size : 200*100*20

Weight : 1KG

Turbo Manifold

Size : Ø 150*300

Weight : 6KG

Exhaust Manifold

Size : Ø 300*100

Weight : 6KG

Engine bracket

Size : Ø 200*200

Weight : 2KG

Intake manifold

Size : 400*150

Weight : 5KG

fuel pump

Size : 123*30*84

Weight : 0,7 KG

Turbo manifold

Size : 144*149*270

Weight : 1,3 KG


Aluminium: cast, forged

Stainless steel

Cast iron: GL, GS, SiMo, NiResist (D5S)

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