Ever since it was set up, STREIT Groupe has been working with manufacturers of farm and construction equipment to co-develop and manufacture components (combustion engines, mechanical controls, hydraulic manifolds or undercarriage parts).

Whether mounted on tractors or construction equipment STREIT Groupe components are renowned for their sturdiness, technical quality and precision machining.


Frame Front Hitch

Size : 580*600*600

Weight : 86 KG

Lift Arm

Size : 310*680*130

Weight : 41 KG


Size : Ø385*127 mm

Weight : 22,9 KG


Size : 363*169*122 mm

Weight : 12,94 KG


Size : 550*175*45 mm

Weight : 8,5 KG

Timing Gear Cover

Size : 800*600*150 mm

Weight : 65 KG


Aluminium: cast, forged

Stainless steel

Cast iron: GL, GS

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