During the working day, the lunch break is an important time to take your mind off things, talk to your colleagues and recharge your batteries.

It is in this context that STREIT Nova wanted to offer its employees a new catering outlet offering varied and balanced meals whatever the shift (morning, afternoon and night). “Three menus are offered each day by the caterer, allowing employees to choose according to their tastes and desires,” explains Abdel G., STREIT Nova site manager.

At the same time, work was carried out to refurbish the men’s changing rooms into a new kitchen, which is more user-friendly and functional for the employees! Garden tables have also been set up around the factory to give the possibility to eat outside. Today, this space represents a real place of exchange and relaxation during the lunch break! A new service that has met with unanimous approval; “perfect and simple, I no longer have to prepare my meal in the evening for the next day and I come to work more relaxed”, summarises Jadranka V., an operator.

Other avenues of reflection are underway at all the sites in order to improve the daily lives of employees as much as possible,” explains Didier B., Director of Technical Operations. This is a major commitment on the part of the management, with the aim of offering serenity and well-being at work!