The Internet site has been revamped!

In order to highlight its innovation strategy, STREIT Groupe has transformed its website into an interactive tool showcasing its know-how. This can be considered as a further step forward which is part of a general restyling operation. This kicked off with the adoption of a new corporate and visual identity and continued when its presence on the social network, LinkedIn, was bolstered.

What is the outcome of these major changes?

  • Simplified access to information via a new and improved root directory.
  • More detailed information and improved interaction with visitors.
  • Responsive display which automatically adapts to the type of technology being used by the visitor to gain access (smartphone, pad or computer)

The site has undergone a complete makeover in terms of graphics, user-friendliness and content. The overall design is sleeker, more modern and uses a darker palette of colours in order to conform with the new corporate, visual identity. To discover these new visuals, come and visit our site.

We really hope you like the new version and hope to read the comments you leave on Linkedin: