About us

STREIT Groupe is a mechanical components design, machining and assembly specialist.

Under Roland Streit’s management, the business has expanded from being a cottage industry to an industrial concern. The group really took off in the first decade of the millennium through external growth, with the creation of two subsidiaries in Eastern Europe.

STREIT Groupe’s skillset has been expanded by its co-development business, which maximises the company’s flexibility in catering for technical requirements.

The group also has investment high on its agenda. Acquisitions geared at increasing production skills and productivity amount to at least 5% of its annual turnover.

The STREIT group has highly qualified staff. The R&D department engineers work in close partnership with clients and foundries, and subcontractors in Europe and Asia. Finite element software and in-house test benches are used for parts design, while the technicians and operators work on powerful, purpose-built production facilities.

Along with its clients, STREIT Groupe relies on the expertise of STREIT Ingénierie, its subsidiary specialising in tool making and special machine manufacturing, to increase its efficiency and responsiveness.

The STREIT group’s turnover is around € 120 million for 950 employees spread across 3 production sites, manufacturing up to 7.5 million parts annually for diverse industries.

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