“Driver for innovation”

The STREIT Technical Center is dedicated to Research and Development (R&D). Our engineers and technicians research, test out and propose innovative technical solutions designed to follow the group’s development policy. STREIT Technical Center has gained sufficient experience and acquired the necessary technology to ensure we are able to optimize our customers’ ideas and requirements and develop new processes and products.

The center has two departments :

Process developement / Prototyping :

The Process Development department aims at improving existing manufacturing processes. We endeavour to make the best technical decisions in order to adapt our tools and production processes and thereby meet our customers’ specific requirements. The department is engaged in a procedure of continuous improvement and strives to develop and fine-tune new production processes while participating in innovative, cutting edge projects.

STREIT Technical Centre also carries out prototyping, which is an integral part of the design and engineering process, with the aim to validate projects carried out in conjunctions with customers clients promptly and efficiently.

Production equipments :

STREIT Groupe, has a workshop specialized in designing and making special-purpose machines and part-holding tools. Thanks to its expertise in the fields of electricity, pneumatics, hydraulics, workflow automation and robotics, the STREIT Technical Centre designs and produces customized systems for assembly, washing and checking air and/or watertightness.

At the heart of innovation, we also develop our robotization lines allowing us to meet the standards and specificities of the different industries of our customers

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