Management commitment

STREIT Groupe is driven by customer satisfaction, and so pursues a continuous improvement policy to ensure that its service quality is constantly high.

The STREIT Groupe Management promotes values to perpetuate the company's family entrepreneurial culture, as it is important to bear in mind the origins of the company's success when setting objectives.






Quality-Safety-Environment Policy

Serbian version: Kvalitet –Sigurnost –Zivotna Sredina Politika

Slovak version: Politika Kvality Bezpecnosti a Ochrany Zdravia Pri Praci a Ochrany Zivotneho Prostredia

Environmental and social responsibility

As a large industrial employer, the STREIT group has to face major environmental and social issues.

Our employees are highly qualified and constitute a vital resource for the smooth running and development of our company.

Respect for human rights and proper conditions in the workplace cannot be neglected and we seek to improve our performance in this respect every day.

The main priorities of our social policy are: improving working conditions and safety in our plants, skills development through training courses, diversity and equal opportunities when recruiting, rewards for collective and individual performances and maintaining the healthy work-life balance of our staff.

In an increasingly eco-friendly context, STREIT Groupe also has a duty to include environmentally responsible standards in its company policy.

Our initiatives start with using the best possible waste recycling methods, substituting hazardous or noxious materials and protecting natural resources.

Our key market is geared to the development of global standards that dictate the reduction of polluant exhaust from heat engines. The STREIT group is particularly aware of this issue, concentrating various disciplines such as aerodynamics, fluid transport, and thermodynamics in its product development to optimise the combustion process.

In line with our quality, safety and environment approach, our sites are certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001