Article STREIT Mexico

Our plant in Mexico is continuing to expand, with a full order book already in place! The company’s diversification strategy is taking shape, particularly in the agricultural sector, but also in the automotive sector. „We were recently awarded a contract to manufacture an aluminium part for a chassis manufacturer“, says plant director Xavier A.

At the same time, STREIT Logistics Mexico’s business remains buoyant, and pallet storage also requires a lot of space. “ Our resources are reaching saturation point, and if we want to continue our If we want to continue our development, we need to increase the surface area.“

The aim is to add 1,000 m² of logistics space and 4,000 m² of workshop space. The building is due to open in the second half of 2024.

Among other investments, the company will also be installing photovoltaic panels panels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy. emissions and save energy.

This future building will mark an important stage in STREIT Mexico’s development. It will double the production and logistics production and logistics space to meet increased customer demand!